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Jesus Storyteller (Luke)


Parables are stories that contain additional truth below the surface. In other words, the parable appears to be a simple story but has several layers of truth associated with it. Jesus used parables to relate to the people living 2000 years ago but these stories are timeless truths and still apply just as powerfully to us today.

When you hear the truth of Jesus in story form, you will not soon forget it. This practical study of the parables recorded in the Gospel According to Luke explains the personal impact of the words of Jesus. Hidden beneath the surface of every parable of Jesus is truth that can change your life. This study examines the world’s greatest stories from the world’s greatest Storyteller and explains the central teachings of Christianity in a simple way that everyone can understand. If you need to be inspired, challenged, and encouraged, this study on some of Jesus’ most beloved parables is for you.


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