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The Search for Wisdom (Proverbs)

gc2press-products-search-for-wisdom-blank.jpgThe Bible’s book of Proverbs represents the collective wisdom of ancient Israel. Most of the proverbs come from King Solomon who was King during her golden reign.    It is a practical guide to life in written form and is filled with exciting insights to read and to apply to our personal lives. This book has the power to transform a life, a church, or even a nation. When you read a proverb, it usually strikes a chord within you, and you may laugh or cry. Proverbs is elegant yet forceful in its words. Proverbs will touch your heart and give you wisdom in the everyday decisions of life.

Proverbs challenge us believers to learn the lessons from the past generations. It gives us practical implications of confessing our trust and faith to the Lord of all. In Proverbs the wise show respect for God and His value system. We must have a God focus for our lives and our faith must be lived out in the day-to-day world. And it all begins with the search for wisdom.

The book of Proverbs tells us a life which is lived with wisdom:is a life worth more than rubies, diamonds, or gold; is a life filled with significance and the blessings of God; is a life filled with joy, laughter, peace, hope, and love; is a life that makes an eternal difference in the scope of time.

And it is all rooted in God and His words to live by.

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