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Rescue & Redemption


What images come to mind when you hear the word “rescue”?  Do you think of police officers or firefighters acting courageously to save the lives of those in danger? Perhaps you picture EMT’s resuscitating a lifeless body, or park rangers intently looking for lost hikers in a deep forest.

What about the word “redemption”? Do you picture stories of people whose homes and lives have been devastated by disasters, but who have fought valiantly to rebuild and restore their fortunes and their dignity? Perhaps you imagine those who have been wrapped in the clutches of addictions of various kinds and manage to extricate themselves and lead productive lives.

The truth is, we all stand in need of rescue and redemption. In fact, the master narrative of the Bible is one of rescue and redemption as God provides the ultimate remedy for our sinfulness by sending his Son as our Savior. The Bible is also full of examples of God’s rescue and redemption and several of these will be explored in this study.

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